Testimony: The Contracts Came In

Testimony: The Contracts Came In

I was believing God to get in some contracts for my business. I said, “I want all of them to come in!” A few days later, I received a call from a job that I had bid on and they said, “We are going with another contractor with a lower price.”  I responded back later […]

Synchronized Faith Debt Cancellation!

God has cleared approximate $40,000 in debt that we have believed God for years to get rid of. We have had three major car accidents and two of them have been settled in the last month. Actually, the day after Synchronize Your Faith!! One was in our favor. The other one was against us but […]

Immediate Performance – Job and Home

I recently stepped out of my boat believing God for my future. I arrived in Pensacola area on Friday, February 4th believing God for a job and a new place to live. I sowed all I had Sunday night while Dr. Robin was ministering – I had put seed in the ground, all the seed […]

We Got Our Car!

We Got Our Car!

The past few days have been miracle after miracle! Saturday night, a situation that could be potentially very bad arose. It was raining very hard and our car hydroplaned off the road stopping inches from a telephone pole. Our car was totaled but we didn’t have a scratch on us. Thank God for protection! The […]

Miracle: Metal Rods Disappear

Miracle: Metal Rods Disappear

“I had three metal rods and three metal screws in my lower back, four bulging discs in my neck and T-1 disc in my upper back with spinal stenosis and scoliosis. I had not been able to walk normal, bend over or run pain free in 4 years! Last week the doctors said: “There is […]

Champions by Divine Right

<div class=\"postavatar\">Champions by Divine Right</div>

<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> You and I are living in a very special day, a day when God is raising a generation of defiance against everything that is anti-Christ in the lives of people. What is not of God does not have a right to have dominion over you.  What is not of God does not have […]

Be a Contender Not Just an Attender

Be a Contender Not Just an Attender

Jesus delivered a spiritual force of faith that you can release through revelation in the Word of God that will produce in your life the God quality of living but it is not going to work the same for the passive as it is for the contender…the champion.  It is not going to have the […]

The Champion Blog – Part 2

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<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> Jesus found us, and identified us as raw material when it seemed that we did not have potential. He identified us differently when the rest of the world labeled us chumps. He said, “No, they’re not chumps – they’re champs. I’m going to take them out of the world, take them off of […]

Grave Concern in My Spirit

<div class=\"postavatar\">Grave Concern in My Spirit</div>

<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> Dear Beloved Family, Greetings in the powerful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I continually give thanks to our Father for having such wonderful family as you. As you know, I have been involved breaking open ground in the South Pacific– obeying a directive given to me by the Holy Spirit! […]

The Champion Blog

<div class=\"postavatar\">The Champion Blog</div>

<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> Chumps have a lot to say and very little to do.  Champs have a lot to do and sometimes very little to say. Sometimes a champion can talk, but he talks a lot louder in the ring than he does outside, so you never know previous to the fight who’s the champ and who’s […]